Private label

We can offer private label bars with volumes from 300 pieces per taste. The flavors can be determined by you in consultation.

Prices are highly dependent on the desired type of chocolate, whether or not mixed with other often exclusive ingredients. The ordered quantities, calculated over a period of one year, also have an influence on the price. For example, we calculate grades up to 3000 pieces with a fixed price per recipe bar (within a certain raw material budget). Above 3000 bars on an annual basis, a quote is made to match your wishes.

The wraps of the bars are normally designed by the designer of the applicant, whereby we offer a format within which work can be done. Developing the design of the wrappers by us is also possible.

We can hold stock, but the cost of printing and the wrapping must be met with the first order.

For the logo and ingredients declaration / nutritional value and commercial texts we have labels in different formats that can be used. We can only print thermally black on white labels. If you have to work with colors, we must have the labels pre-printed. This is possible, but there is a volume and delivery time involved and the costs must also be borne by the customer.

As indicated above, a design for design wrap can also be provided by us. The proposals will then always be made in consultation with the customer. However, for this we do charge a contribution to the costs that we receive from our designer.

With regard to the type of chocolate used as well as the ingredients that can be added to the chocolate can also be determined by the customer (if applicable). Depending on the volumes, we can state that we can deliver from 5 working days after paper arrives (wrap).