From bean to bar

world From all over the world

Our stores in Amsterdam give you a warm welcome. It is here where we make the fresh products to order daily or for our private label customers in our large open workshop. Here we try to be as transparent as possible in the origin of our ingredients and the way in which they are processed into a chocolate product.

Beans and other ingredients:
The beans used for our chocolate recipes come from different parts of the world. In general you can say that most come from countries around the equator. For our "origin" bars of chocolate, we mainly use beans from South America alongside African and Asian beans. While the beans are mixed from South America and Africa, they are used for versatile applications in our pastry and chocolates. To prepare these recipes, we select these raw materials from all over the world with an eye for responsible and natural origin. For example with almonds from Spain, macadamias from Australia and herbs / spices from Indonesia. Local suppliers provide us with fresh dairy, eggs and fruit.

plant Sustainable & Natural

In addition to the fact that Urban Cacao only works with natural and honestly produced / grown ingredients, we also value the sustainability of the company and try to contribute to a better environment where we can (for example, transport in Amsterdam exclusively by bicycle) or electric transport) and we offer underprivileged young people the opportunity to work within Urban Cacao.

cup Best raw materials

The quality of our raw materials is of course one of the showpieces. Many qualities are also available in the large assortment available on the raw materials market. From this large assortment we select the best qualities that we use in our recipes for chocolate and chocolate products.

Most bonbons that have a ganache filling contain whipped cream and butter. This is fresh cream and butter, but due to the cooking process and the mixing of chocolate, the filling that is made of this will keep for a longer time compared to the normal shelf life of whipped cream.

We use a lot of nuts in bonbons. You come across these as pieces or as very fine or coarse pate (gianduja). Hazelnuts are generally from Turkey and almonds from Spain or the USA (California). Pistachio nuts from Iran, Macadamia nuts from Australia or Kenya and walnuts or pecans from the Baltic states. All the nuts we use are roasted in our oven ourselves and are then finely ground to gianduja or whole / used in pieces.

Natural flavor extracts
The flavor extracts or natural flavorings that we use are usually fresh or processed in distillate form. Think of fresh herbs, basil, coriander and / or tarragon. But also in the form of herbs or spices such as pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, Earl Gray tea, fresh ginger and lemongrass. The distillates or esprits that we use are natural alcohol-based extracts, such as orange sprouts, bergamote sprouts, rum sprouts, etc. Or an alcoholic beverage in the form of Port of Champagne or cherry liqueur and Ratafia (raisin liqueur).

location Where to get yours

Our products are available in our own stores in Amsterdam. The Urban Cacao chocolate bars are also available at Schiphol. Our products are also available from various other customers (mostly 'private label') under their own name, for example Stach-food, Dille & Kamille, Pluk Amsterdam and many other names that we would like to provide with specific wishes with regard to chocolate treats.